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Beauty and Health



​As a Psychology major in college I studied intensively about holistic health and stress coping. My passion then lead me to learn aromatherapy, yoga and mindfulness as alternative therapeutic approach to holistic beauty and health.

Today we provide following services; personalized consultations available upon request.​

  • Manufacturingsales,  and  import/export of essential oils and floral water

  • Aroma (essential oil) blending

  • ​Consultations on Aroma Blending

Exy Co., Ltd is a member of AEAJ 

​Makoto M. Itabashi (CEO)

Member of Aroma Environmental Association of Japan

B. A. in Psychology (Holistic Health)

AEAJ Certified Aromatherapy Instructor

AEAJ Certified Aroma Blend Designer

AEAJ Certified Aroma Hand Therapist

AEAJ Certified Environmental Kaorista

AEAJ Certified Natural Beauty Stylist

​JAPA Certified Ayurveda Advisor

Aromas do Valado JP

​Aromas do Valado - Hand Crafted Organic Essential Oils from Portugal

We are proud to announce our partnership with Aromas do Valado from April 1, 2019.

Aromas do Valado is a Portugees Essential Oil brand, who is committed to supply pure and precious organic Essential Oils. 

Located in a part of UNESCO Geopark, handpicked plants are carefully distilled and pure aromatics are beautifully translated to Essential Oils. 


Estimated launch in June, 2019. More information to follow! 


Exy Co., Ltd is the Exclusive distributor of Aromas do Valado Essential Oils in Japan and Korea.

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